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Beard Transplant

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Facial hair transplantation or what we called beard transplant is a procedure which restores hair to areas where beard growth is thin or missing in the most permanent natural way.

The operation is painless, without any side effects and under the local anesthesia. Like the hair transplant for the head, the donor hairs for a beard transplant come from the back and the sides of the scalp where the hair is the healthiest and have the closest genetic match for the hair of the beard to assure the natural look 100%. As in the hair transplant the doctors remove the necessary number of grafts and transplanted in the empty areas and ensure every graft is placed as it would naturally occur.



1. What are the risks with the procedure of beard transplant?

There is no risk at all in getting beard transplant, is totally a safe operation. However, it is a surgical procedure that needs to be administered with proper care. So, the patient needs to be very careful after the operation and follow exactly the instruction of the doctor.

2. Can the procedure of beard transplant include the mustache transplantation as well?

The transplant of mustache doesn’t need the transplant of beard to be doable. The same technique can be useful to get the natural results. We use the mustache transplant also to conceal scars, burns or injury.

3. When you can be able to shave after a beard transplant?

Usually, the patients can shave their beards carefully at least after a 6 months from the operation. However, you need to take the opinion of your doctor firstly.

4. Is there any guarantee in the beard transplant operation’s success?

Yes, of course. In Prens Hair Turkey, we provide a certificate of guarantee after the operation lifelong to you because we get the healthiest hair from the back of the head and implant it in the right way.

5 . How much does a beard transplant cost?

The price of a beard transplant depends on the level of density that the patient is needed and the number of grafts implanted. Today with Prens Hair you can get a free consultation with us to guide you along and to answer more of your questions.

6. Is transplanted hair permanent?

Yes, beard transplant is lasting. The transplanted hair will permanently grow for life.