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Bichectomy Surgery

Applied for aesthetic, sharp and attractive facial features, bichectomy surgery eliminates the look of chubby cheeks and reveals cheekbones more strikingly. People who want to have attractive facial features known as Hollywood cheeks rather than round, cute features can have a proportional facial shape by getting rid of excess fat in cheek area.

How is Bichectomy Surgery Performed?

It is an operation that lasts approximately 35-45 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia. Sedation can also be applied optionally. During the operation, local anesthesia is applied in the mouth in order to ensure a painless recovery process for the patient after the surgery. Excess cheek fats are removed from 1 cm incision inside the mouth. After the process, the incision is stitched with 1-2 dissolvable stitches.

Bichectomy Surgery 

The antibiotic prescribed by the physician should be regularly used and oral care should be taken into consideration. The recovery process after bichectomy surgery which does not leave any visible marks is 1 week. The incision inside the mouth is completely healed at the end of 1 week. Liquid nutrition is important for the first 3 days, the patient can return to normal eating and drinking habits after 1 week.

Our experienced specialists are at your service for characteristic cheekbones, a proportional and aesthetic facial shape.