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Canal Treatments

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Problem-free Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a treatment performed to remove damaged tissues, cavities and decays from the tooth using special tools and techniques. When removal of the damaged sections of the tooth is completed, root canal is inserted to protect to the tooth.

What Happens During the Process?

Thanks to modern technologies and pain management techniques, you can expect a comfortable experience throughout the procedure. In root canal treatment, root canal is similar to filling the cavity. It is typically completed in one or two sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. When the procedure is started, local anesthesia is applied to the teeth and the surrounding area.

The dentist will use special tools designed for root canal treatment in order to remove the decaying inner part of the tooth and remove the damaged tissues. After cleaning the cavities/decays, the canal is closed to prevent entry of foreign substances and food residues in the cavity to avoid damage to bottom of the root.