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Face Lift

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Prens Hair  Facelift Applications

People who want to minimize the effects of aging on the skin and rejuvenate by reversing these effects can benefit from facelift applications. There are male and female experts who successfully apply these surgeries in our company. You have the privilege to choose the physician you want before the examination.

Who Can Benefit from Facelift?

These applications – also called rhytidoplasty – are suitable for to everyone. Anyone who suffer from complaints such as mimic losses, sagging and bloating of the skin can make an appointment online. After making the necessary examinations and listening to the patient’s stories, the earliest date is booked.


Both local and general anesthesia are applied for surgery. For those who are reluctant to undergo anesthesia, only the facial area is anesthetized with small needles. No pain is felt during the operation. These applications, which are supported by high technology, provide final solutions to skin problems. Those who are satisfied with the application can have it again every two years. The chemicals used during the surgery do not have any side effects. Small rashes that occur on the skin completely go away in just a few days. For preliminary information, telephone and internet consulting services are available free of charge.



1. Who is a good candidate for Face-Lift surgery?

Face-Lift surgery is a procedure that eliminates signs of old age, stretches the wrinkled skin. It’s available to both men and women, preferably over the age of 40 and showing signs of old age on him or her skin.

2. How long does the operation last?

It’s comparatively short operation that lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

3. Where is the procedure done?

The operation is done in an operation room with a fully-fledged holding, all the necessary equipments and all the individual medical necessities.

4. How long does the patient need to stay at the hospital?

Face lift surgery is not a major operation, therefore the patient could leave the hospital on the day of the surgery.

5. In what cases should a patient consider having face lift surgery?

Face lift surgery is effective on faces who have a tired or sad look, which have signs of old age on the skin, saggy skin, bags under the eyes, low eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, chin and neck. It’s suitable for anyone who feels it necessary to address these issues.

6. Is there any pain involved in the face lift surgery?

The face lift surgery is usually done with general anesthesia, but it can also be carried out with local anesthesia, accordingly with the patient’s medical needs and requirements. Therefore, it’s technically impossible for you to feel any pain during the operation. Our procedures are carried out by expert doctors using the last modern methods and aided by the current technology, to make sure that the patient is relieved of any post-surgery pain in the shortest possible amount of time.